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GeoSpatial Technologies:


Based on an Environmental Systems Resource Institute (ESRI) ArcGIS Platform

ArcGIS 10.x:
ArcGIS is the most comprehensive GIS package available from ESRI. This is were all of our critical layers are created and maintained. The basis of our high precision and accuracy standards are dependent upon this software. Amherst has been using ESRI products for over fifteen years.

ArcView 10.x:
ArcView is the worlds most prevalent desktop GIS software package currently available. We use this software package mainly for mapping and application development. Users throughout many departments have increased productivity while saving time and money.

ArcGIS Server 10.x:
ArcGIS Server provides a centralized data management system. It allows Amherst to disseminate information over the internet. Most of our layers are available to the public for free! All that is needed is an internet connection, an internet browser, and acceptance of our GIS data disclaimer agreement upon entrance to the site. This is a well received tool from Residents, Businesses, Utility Companies, Law Firms, Schools, and others.

This company provides detailed aerial photography. Its images are taken at a 40 degree angle from low-flying airplanes. Their Electronic Field Study software allows a variety of measurements to be taken directly from the image. These include height, distance, area, elevation and bearing. This is licensed through Erie County.

Open Source Software:
For certain projects we use applications from the US Army Corps of Engineers (Hec-RAS & Hec-GeoRAS). EPA (SWMM), GOOGLE (Maps, StreetVew, Earth, Sketchup), etc.


Amherst incorporates the,Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 series, 4800, ProXR, and GeoXH GPS models into our geospatial technologies. After post processing procedures these units can capture (features of interest) between centimeter and meter accuracy levels.

Hewlett-Packard Designjet T1200 Printer Series:
This unit is a large format plotter from Hewlett-Packard that is used to print out hard copy maps of our digital data. It can plot maps, images, graphics, GIS, and CAD work at a high rate of speed, resolution, and in a multitude of sizes.

Servers and Workstations:
The Town uses many different servers and workstations to create, host, distribute, and use our GIS data. These computers vary from: high end, dual processor, large memory, large hard drive machines to: an average computer that a Town resident may have at home to view, and use our GIS data on the internet.



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