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What are Geographic Information Systems (GIS)?:
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have been defined in many ways depending on their use and the profession they are being used in. In a thorough sense, a GIS can be defined as an information system operated by an individual(s) that incorporates the capturing, storing, managing, integrating, manipulating, relating, analyzing, and presenting of geospatially referenced information. This is done by the incorporation of a relational database managment system (RDBMS) and mapping software. All variables are important for the system to work efficiently. Amherst is based on an ESRI software platform. For more information on GIS please review:


How does Amherst use GIS?:
The Town of Amherst has been using GIS in some manner for over 20 years. We were one of the first communities in the western new york area to use this technology in daily work activities. To see basic information on how this technology is used for Amherst.

How can I use GIS?:
If you have used an online mapping website such as Google Maps, Microsoft Bing Maps, Mapquest, etc. then you have used some basic concepts of GIS. When you search for a street address you are submitting a question (query) to a hidden database that then analyzes your request for street names, addresses, intersections, etc and submits a response in a spatial format. To use GIS in answering your spatial questions inside the bounds of our town, follow the links to your left for digital PDF and interactive maps. If you have any questions or mapping topic suggestions please let us know.

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