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How does Amherst use GIS?:

Below is a general overview of how GIS is used throughout Town Departments. Check back for updates, or call for more details.

Assessment Office:  
Zoning & Variance Notifications  
Parcel Maintenance  
Fire District Map  
Neighborhood Sales Analysis  

Building Department:  
FEMA Floodplain Mapping  
National Flood Insurance Program - Community Rating System  
Sinking Homes / Soil Subsidence  
Building Code Enforcement  
Building Site Plan Review  

Town Clerk:  
Zoning Change and Property Notifications  
Election Districts  

Emergency Services:  
FEMA Project Impact  
School Emergency GIS Application  
"Live" Emergency Mapping  
Flood Modeling  
Hazardous and toxic plume modeling (beta)  
Critical Facilities  

Engineering Department:  
Sanitary Sewer Maintenance  
Flood Modeling  

Fire Control:  
Emergency Response Dispatch  

Highway Department:  

Plowing / Sanding / Leaf Pickup

Storm Sewer Maintenance  
Mosquito Spraying  

Planning Department:  
Zoning layer  
Deer Project  
Master Plan  
Subdivision Analysis  
Site Plan Review  

Police Department:  
GeoNotify (Reverse 911 System)  
Emergency GIS Applications  
Crime Mapping  
SWAT Analysis Application  
Critical Facilities  
Sexual Offenders  
Traffic Control  
School Safety / Crossing Guards  

Parks and Playgrounds  

School Districts:  
Introduction to GIS & Planning  

More Information Coming Soon





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